Feb 2024
AdComp Systems Group has developed tech tools for nearly 300 government agencies nationwide. It also created Classy the CourtBot, which uses AI to answer citizens’ legal, procedural, and administrative questions. “We are working on launching many other bots for agencies like utilities, taxes, code compliance, permits, and licensing,” says CEO Mansur Plumber. By feeding government data into AI and ML engines, these technologies can help citizens better interact with various agencies, he says.
Aug 2023
I am pleased to announce the successful implementation of our latest innovation at the San Antonio Municipal Court, aimed at enhancing convenience for defendants dealing with their citations. Starting from February 14th, 2023, over the past 7 months, the San Antonio Municipal Court has efficiently processed a total of 1861 court cases through our newly introduced Remote Magistrate Kiosk, conveniently situated in the lobby. Defendants who have received citations within the city of San Antonio can now video conference with a judge via the kiosk.
Oct 2022
Client: Cincinnati Health Department Vital Records Location: Cincinnati, OH Population: 301,394 (2019 est.) AdComp Client Since: 2016 Case Study Highlights Self-service options allow office to continue providing services amid pandemic Electronic forms are more efficient than handwritten applications Web app reports help combat identity theft Manual handling of cash is risky and cumbersome—kiosks are better The Challenges: Handwritten Applications, Customer Volume & ID Theft Around 2010, the CHD Vital Records was authorized to issue birth certificates to anyone born in Ohio.
Sep 2022
AdComp Systems has made the Inc 5000 list of Most Successful Companies in America 2022! The positioning is based on AdComp’s 238% revenue growth from 2018-2022. Moreover, Adcomp Systems ranked No. 234 in Texas, No. 57 in Government Services, No. 99 in Dallas, and has now been on the Inc 5000 list twice. AdComp Systems offers customizable payment solutions that streamline governmental functions, fostering compliance and allowing local governments to more efficiently and effectively serve their communities.
Jul 2022
Recently, the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, switched their primary online payment provider to AdComp Systems, with its enhanced features and service levels that the city’s previous vendor was unable to offer. Some of these solutions include 24/7 technical support through phone and chat, along with the ability to look up bills without an account number. AdComp also enabled Utility Express for the city, which is a text message notification platform that alerts the user when bills are generated and payments are due.
Dec 2021
Albemarle County updated its drive-thru tax kiosk outside of the county office building on McIntire Road. Users can now get change back when paying with cash, which is something only a teller in the building could do before. The county also simplified the machine’s interface and made transactions more secure. “We were able to use CARES funding to fund the upgrade, and again, the goal is to be able to serve more people in a contact-less fashion as we move forward,” Albemarle County spokesperson Emily Kilroy said.
Dec 2021
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a growing push to go digital, local governments face the challenge of building a broad network of online payment solutions without compromising on the quality and availability of in-person payment options to ensure equitable service for all, including unbanked and underbanked citizens. Many low-income, unbanked, and underbanked citizens pay their bills, taxes, tickets, and more in-person, often using cash. Modernization efforts that solely focus on digital payments and ignore in-person solutions is likely to put these vulnerable communities at a disadvantage.
Nov 2021
Everyone appreciates a good memory cue. As we navigate through busy schedules, we’re constantly setting up reminders to make sure we don’t miss that important meeting, pressing deadline, or upcoming event. And, today, most people rely on smartphones to track and complete tasks. Keeping these trends in mind, AdComp has developed Citation Smart to help municipal courts provide defendants with tools to resolve their citations on time. This week, in our ‘Convenience Fosters Compliance’ series, we’re talking about Citation Smart — how it works, what citizens have to say, and why municipal courts should adopt this system.
Nov 2021
Local governments are rushing to go digital, and for good reason. The COVID-19 pandemic forced citizens and businesses to move online, making digital government a necessity to deliver public services and safely collect payments. Further, citizens paying utility bills, taxes, citations, etc, now expect their local government to provide the same customer-friendly payment experience that they see in the private sector. So, now more than ever, as most citizens conduct a majority of their transactions online, local governments have the opportunity to transform the payment experience by implementing user-friendly, mobile-enabled web pay solutions.
Nov 2021
Municipal utilities possibly see the most frequent interactions between citizens and their local governments because most residents must make recurring payments for essential public services such as water, gas, and electricity. So, it’s important for local governments to create a well-designed, convenient utility bill payment experience to make these regular interactions as seamless and hassle-free as possible for all citizens. As local governments navigate an increasingly digital-forward world, it can be easy to forget that many citizens still prefer to or must make bill payments in person, and at times, using cash.