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Municipal Payment Solutions

AdComp Systems Group is a unified payment technology solutions company that provides customized government and municipal payment services to accept payments online, over-the-phone, by text & Payment kiosk.

We offers flexible payment solutions to meet cities and local government needs. We give municipalities the ability to accept all forms of payments including cash, check & credit card.

Our Municipal Payment service offers convenience and ease by providing your customers and residents with 24/7 support.


Courts & Utility Payment Kiosk


Our Bill payment kiosk allows your customers the convenience of being able to pay their bills. Pay bills such as utility bill payments, Court fine, Tax Payment, Jail payment etc.

1) Bill payment kiosk serves as an automated cashier
2) Customers can pay bills 24/7, 365 days a year.
3) Customizable bilingual interface.
4) Bill payment kiosk eliminates the need for traffic.
5) Payment kiosks accepts cash, check, credit cards.
7) An Indoor bill payment kiosk will save your organization at least $300,000 of paid employee time in 10 years
8) An Drive thru payment kiosk will save your organization at least $600,000 of paid employee time in 10 years


Payment Service News

Dec 29, 2020  
  1. We were able to use CARES funding to fund the upgrade, and again, the goal is to be able to serve more people in a contact-less ... Continue reading
Tax payment Kiosk
Oct 1, 2020  
City of Schertz utility bills can now be paid on the new drive-up kiosk at City Hall. The kiosk will provide a print or email receipt ... Continue reading
Utility Bill payment Kiosk
Sep 18, 2020  
Floresville will be installing a new utility bill payment kiosk. The kiosk will accept credit cards, checks, and cash ...Continue reading
Utility Payment Kiosk