GovOnTrack (ERP Software)

GovOnTrack is the all-in-one solution for local governments to streamline their operations and deliver top-notch services to citizens. Our cloud-based SaaS suite is designed with a modern interface and user-friendly features, enabling you to centralize data and simplify administrative workflows with ease.

Key Features

  • Integrated management systems to handle financial, administrative, and judicial tasks
  • Multiple look-up methods, including citation number, driver’s license number, and personal information
  • Citation resolution options, such as pleading no contest, guilty, or not guilty, paying tickets, setting up a payment plan, and more

Benefits for Local Governments


Our powerful utility billing system is built on 30 years of feedback from customers and provides a complete billing solution for your utility regardless of size.

Our billing system is located in the cloud. No need to worry about desktop system requirements, server maintenance or backing up local data.

Since our system is web based, connect from anywhere - in the office, on the road or at home. Launch our system with any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Import reads from any brand of drive by or fix based read system. Designed to support the most up to date technology from all the top meter vendors.

Integrated paperless billing functionality that allows customers to login to their online portal to view bills, update contact information and pay their bill online. Payments post automatically in real time to customers accounts.

Send email and text notifications for late bills, disconnects or safety alerts. Contact your entire customer base or one single customer with the push of a button.

Municipal Courts

  • Offer an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) module for easy access to dispute resolution
  • Enable staff to send and receive e-forms through the ODR system
  • Defendants can upload relevant e-documents, proof of compliance, and use an e-signature to complete affidavits
  • Customizable case or citation resolution system with an integrated list of offense codes, case types, and follow-up processes
  • Mobile-enabled technology for easy access on smartphones

Finance Departments

  • Manage budgeting, accounting, procurement, and payroll with ease
  • Secure access to information, automated processes, and detailed reporting
  • Manage invoices for vendors, track revenue collection, process payments, create a virtual general ledger to easily view transactions, execute payroll, plan and track budgets, and track purchase orders

Public Works

  • Monitor service requests and work orders with ease
  • Facilitate efficient, timely execution of projects
  • Ensure effective work order management
  • Assess data on manpower, equipment, and costs for each project


  • Track active applications and payments for permits
  • Ensure faster processing
  • Customizable, cloud-based software
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Provides local governments with a workspace to monitor applications and inspections and facilitate quick, paperless processing of permits

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