Gov On Track (ERP Software)

Key Features

  • Modernizes IT infrastructure, reduce clutter, facilitate secure, streamlined access to data
  • Use integrated management systems to handle all aspects of:
  • Financial tasks
  • Administrative tasks
  • Judicial tasks
  • Multiple look-up methods:
  • Citation number
  • Driver's license number
  • Personal information
  • Interface hosts multiple citation resolution options:
  • Can plead no contest, guilty, or not guilty
  • Can choose to pay ticket, set up a payment plan, request a driver's safety course, deferred disposition, or pre-trial


Utilities & Tax Departments:

  • Streamline billing process
  • Monitor tax and utility collections
  • Automatically generated statements that reflect:
  • Payment history
  • Account balance
  • Amount due
  • Other relevant details
  • Helps track and manage revenue collection, including property tax distribution and collection

For Municipal Courts:

  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) module
  • Staff can send and receive e-forms through ODR system
  • Defendants can upload relevant e-documents, proof of compliance and use an e-signature to complete affidavits
  • Customizable -- integrated list of offense codes, case types, and follow-up processes to meet courts' specific needs
  • Case or citation resolution system
  • Mobile-enabled technology
  • Easily accessible dispute resolution portal on smartphones
  • Options to
  • Pay a citation
  • Sign up for driver's safety course
  • Submit a request for deferred disposition
  • Request a dismissal or pre-trial

For Finance Departments:

  • Help to smoothly manage budgeting, accounting, producrement, and payroll
  • Secure access to information, automated processes, and detailed reporting
  • Other uses
  • Manage invoices for vendors
  • Track revenue collection
  • Process payments
  • Create a virtual general ledger to easily view transactions
  • Execute payroll
  • Plan and track your budget
  • Track purchase orders

For Public Works:

  • Easily monitor service requests and work orders
  • Facilitates efficient, timely execution of projects
  • Ensures effective work order management
  • Can assess data on manpower, equipment, and costs for each project

For Permits:

  • Effectively track active applications and payments for permits
  • Ensure faster processing
  • Customizable, cloud-based software
  • Ensures higher operational efficiency
  • Provides local governments with workspace to:
  • Monitor applications and inspections
  • Facilitate quick, paperless processing of permits
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