San Antonio Municipal Court goes live!

I am pleased to announce the successful implementation of our latest innovation at the San Antonio Municipal Court, aimed at enhancing convenience for defendants dealing with their citations.

Starting from February 14th, 2023, over the past 7 months, the San Antonio Municipal Court has efficiently processed a total of 1861 court cases through our newly introduced Remote Magistrate Kiosk, conveniently situated in the lobby.

Defendants who have received citations within the city of San Antonio can now video conference with a judge via the kiosk. This enables them to present relevant documents, provide evidence, plead their case, receive a judgment, and make payments if necessary.

Most sessions are concluded within just 4 minutes. To further extend this convenient service to residents, we are in the process of installing at least 5 additional kiosks in city libraries across San Antonio. This expansion will allow local residents to interact with a judge and handle their citations without the need to travel downtown to the Municipal Court.

The Remote Magistrate Kiosks adhere to ADA compliance standards and are user-friendly. Defendants can seamlessly pay fines, enter pleas, and converse with judges through video conferencing. Furthermore, the kiosks offer the capability to scan and instantly submit documents to the judge. All video and audio interactions are meticulously recorded and stored for easy reference by the court.

These kiosks have been designed and tailored by a reputable Texas-based technology firm that specializes in delivering innovative solutions to city and county governments on a national scale.

AdComp Systems is also on the verge of launching an online payment platform coupled with a fully automated AI-driven messaging system for the San Antonio Municipal Court. This system will dispatch personalized short links to defendants, which will take them straight to their citations and periodically remind citizens to resolve them. These reminders will help citizens comply with court rules on time and avoid trouble, as people are forgetful and life gets in the way!