Pet Vaccination Kiosk

Veterinarian Dr Keith Webb partnered with AdComp to develop the self-service pet vaccination kiosk, a patented technology that dispenses and administers needle-free vaccinations, providing pet owners with a convenient and safe option to ensure their pets receive essential, life-saving vaccines

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  • Prevent animal distress with a needle-free approach:

    Our kiosk’s needle-free vaccinations ensure a more comfortable and less painful experience for pets, especially those that may be afraid of needles. Our self-service, needleless approach also helps protect veterinary personnel against needlestick injuries.

  • No need to schedule vaccination appointments:

    Using our self-service kiosk, pet owners can ensure that their pets receive essential vaccines on schedule, without having to book a vaccination appointment. This helps them avoid delays in vaccinating their pets due to time constraints or difficulty securing an appointment. The kiosk both facilitates payment for a vaccine and administers a dose to the pet, providing pet owners with a convenient experience from start to finish.

  • Durable and weatherproof design:

    Our kiosk was designed to be durable and weatherproof, allowing for placement across multiple locations to boost convenience and access for pet owners.