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Automated Collection Kiosk Available for Ticket Payments


Upper Arlington is the first community in Central Ohio to have a Justified Automatic Collections Kiosk (JACK) from AdComp Systems Group, where members of the community can pay tickets and bonds after hours or on weekends. It is located at the entry to Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road.


JACK is a bilingual, 24/7 real-time confirmation payment booth, featuring a secure system that will allow you to make payments at your own convenience. Before JACK was installed, Police Sergeants were taking payments outside office hours, taking away from their regular duties.


JACK accepts credit cards and cash for payments, functioning similar to an ATM machine, and comes complete with a touchscreen. Users must know their ticket number or bond amount before paying.


In the future, we hope to expand the software to allow residents to pay other types of bills, such as the semi-annual stormwater and solid waste utility bill.


Receiving in-person assistance from the Clerk of Court’s Office will remain an option for residents who prefer to not use the kiosk or to allow a way for proof of insurance, the inquiry of questions or a personalized encounter, via the Finance/Development Customer Service Center.



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