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The next time you use a TELeasy TELstation you will have one more reason to smile !


New York, USA, October 4 -Some call it "a payphone on steroids", some call it the "mother of all public communication terminals", adding feature after feature, Adcomp Systems Group. has now introduced a camera on its terminals. If you haven't run into them already, TELeasy TELstations are Enhanced Ecommerce Enabled Multimedia Multifunction, Coin Bill and Credit Card Operated Internet Email Payphone terminals. The latest addition, the camera on the TELeasy TELstation allows users to email their pictures as an e-postcard to friends, relatives, business associates or to anyone, anywhere in the world instantly.


The addition of a camera also gives rise to other possibilities on the TELeasy TELstations. Soon, the ability to capture and send short audio - video mail and real time video conferencing capabilities will also be included on the TELeasy TELstations.


"The camera is just right for people who want to capture spontaneous moments and share them with family and friends--especially via the Internet, when they are out of their homes, traveling for business or pleasure. It's very easy to use and at rates as low as 25cents per minute - very inexpensive."


The quality and size of the images and postcards generated are perfect for internet users to download even at 56k modem connections. In most cases, a picture can be taken and sent in under 3 minutes. We find this application to be very popular most users would rather send a photo-mail of themselves rather than send a regular email message. The terminal interface is consistent and easy to use and understand. A photo-mail greeting can be sent in 4 easy steps.


So the next time you are at a TELeasy TELstation stand back, smile and don't just browse the net, don't just send and receive e-mail, don't just make a phone call, don't just buy a pre-paid calling card, don't just buy a theatre or a movie ticket, don't just lookup a map, don't just find a nearby restaurant, don't just use the speed dial phone buttons, don't just watch and listen to the multimedia audio visual commercials, don't just make a VOIP phone call, don't just send flowers from a dotcom site using cash on the TELstation, don't just pay your bills, but also stand back and smile and get a picture taken and send it to me at says the CEO of Adcomp Systems Group.


TELeasy TELstations are now shipping with the camera feature installed.

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