Justified Automated Payment Kiosk (Some call it, JACK the insomniac), processed 57 transactions on the first day.

AdComp Systems | Posted: Aug. 14, 2006

Adcomp Systems Group , a leader in the self-service kiosk industry, is seeing results in its two-year push to excel in the research, design, development and deployment of innovative self service kiosk designs.

“Consumers now are far more receptive to using self service vending kiosks than they ever have been before” says, David Finer, the VP of Marketing for Adcomp Systems Group.

Adcomp Systems Group's innovations include a Newspaper kiosk that will instantly print any of 300 daily newspapers from 50 countries in 30 languages. Located in major international airports around the country, the simple-to-use machines prints an exact copy of local street editions on tabloid paper for about $4 per copy.

Adcomp Systems Group's ability to create cutting-edge solutions and fresh approaches to kiosk design is currently fueling development of a new generation of kiosk solutions.

"Soon the automation of an increasing number of tasks will benefit consumers in every major industry through better efficiency and accuracy and significantly reduced costs", said a Teleasy spokesman, "And with both hardware and software engineers collaborating in one location, Teleasy is becoming known for its ability to create new kiosk products which are cost-effective, simple to use and reliable.

The sky's the limit for growth in this industry and we will continue to play a leadership role.

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