Municipal Payment Kiosk

Ground Transportation Accounting Management System

The Ground Transportation Account Management System (GTAMS) is an intuitive financial management system exclusively designed to provide airports with a reliable solution to track and oversee ground transportation fee payments and accounts.

GTAMS is offered with GateKeeper Systems’ Commercial Vehicle Management System (CVMS). Together, both systems equip airports with comprehensive tools to effortlessly manage their
ground transportation services.

GTAMS’ Key Features Include:

Ability to view and track accounts.

Ground transportation vendors can add money to their accounts at any time.

Kiosk(s) can be added to accept payments in addition to the web and mobile payment options.

Accounts can be set up as prepay where the vendors are charged as trips are created.

Accounts can be set up as instant postpay where the vendors can be invoiced. Airports can charge the vendor’s credit card on file and immediately receive payment after the invoice is generated.

Reconciliation between the airport and the payment gateway and between the gateway and the bank



  • Boost efficiency and convenience:

    User-friendly interface for smooth navigation. GTAMS’ efficient technology presents all comprehensive and relevant information about payments and accounts in an accessible format, making it easier for airports to track and manage accounts.

  • Real-time updates:

    GTAMS provides real-time payment transaction updates to facilitate better monitoring of accounts.

  • Easy-to-use general ledger, invoice generator, account master and charge master:

    These tools allow airports to smoothly track all general ledger accounts, easily generate invoices, efficiently monitor all active accounts and balances, and quickly edit or add charges to an account.

  • Integrated text-based alerts:

    Using GTAMS, airports can send out a range of alerts via email or text message to inform ground transportation operators of an upcoming payment, missing or expired credit card on file, or recurring charges, among others.

  • Secure technology:

    GTAMS offers advanced role-based user security, and uses secure cloud-based storage by Amazon AWS. All data is automatically backed up daily.


Various reporting options available to support audits, account monitoring, enforcement actions and overall account management.