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Touch Vending Kiosk - Getgold

GetGold Kiosk - A Wealth Vending Concept

Manufactured by AdComp Systems . Interactive Touch Vending Kiosk Announcing a strategic partnership between Wealth Vending and AdComp Systems (Technology / Manufacturing Partner).
  • Taking Vending to a new level
  • 23” Touchscreen Vending Kiosk.
  • Multimedia advertising screen
  • Can hold up to 22 products
  • Dimensions 25”w x 34”d x 68”h
  • Reports sales & inventory levels in real time
  • Collects user data and wholesale inquiries
  • Vends Gold/Silver Coins: Ideal for Gift Giving, collectors, investments
  • Customize color, size, shape.
  • GotGold Kiosk – Exclusive concept / design for Wealth Vending Inc.

GetGold Kiosk Software Demo