Digital Interaction & Customer Engagement

Digital Interaction for Citizen Engagement

Our DICE platform enables local governments to provide residents with high-quality digital services that ensure government-citizen interactions are effortless and efficient. Using intuitive, cloud-based technology, DICE products help modernize public sector services to boost citizen engagement.


Digital forms and e-documents:

Digital forms and e-documents allow you to electronically share and receive information, providing a convenient and time-saving alternative to printing and mailing paperwork for utilities, courts, taxes and permits.

For instance, you can share an e-form with a resident who wants to sign up for a utility service and accept an e-signature or send e-documents to a defendant after a court hearing - the possibilities are endless.

Electronic bills:

Electronic bills: E-bills allow you to deliver bills to your residents over the internet to facilitate secure payments and faster turnarounds.



  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly:

    By switching to paperless bills and forms, you can go green! This is not only an eco-friendly option but also a smart solution to reduce postage and other costs incurred while physically printing and mailing documents. Going paperless also allows you to save space and reduce storage considerations

  • Convenient and Intuitive:

    E-forms, bills and documents provide a hassle-free and time-saving experience for both you and your residents. Residents can easily sign and submit a digital document using a secure e-signature or view their statement via a private, accessible e-bill and quickly make a payment.

  • Quick and Efficient:

    E-documents, bills and forms facilitate faster turnaround by eliminating delays that occur while mailing documents. Using e-signatures, documents can be quickly shared and signed by multiple stakeholders, boosting efficiency. Cloud-based technology helps centralize data across all departments, making it easier to improve workflow and communication.