Client Success Stories


Shirley Bertrand

City of Abbeville, LA

Helps with working customer who can pay after hours at any time they like. Smoothing out lines in front lobby also credit card payment by phone (IVR) brings in more revenue. Good for after hours also text and remind them.
We are able to shut front door and keep drive thru open only during this pandemic and kiosk is also used.


Debbie Reaves

City of Asheboro, NC

With the kiosks, we can offer 24 hour payment option. Also we do not charge a transaction fee for using the kiosk at this time so customers have continued to have a no fee option while office has been closed due to COVID 19. Convenient hours for payment and support.
We are not seeing customers face to face for payment processing.


Halley Burnside

City of Anna, TX

Very safe, This help those that did the service tremendously.
This way they did not have to leave their home done in the comfort of their home.


Lt. Brian Furr

Reno, TX - Parker County

We just wrote citations to multiple violators on one scene. I broke out my phone and started cutting citations. Multiple ticket writers going on one printer with no issues at all. Fantastic
Kudos to whoever added the printer list feature to the app. That is Awesome. It was so easy to switch between vehicles like we had to do yesterday


Carolyn Bessard

Vermilion Parish

It saved a lot of time whereby you did not have to wait for their checks to come in and also did not have the checks whereby you can misplace and get lost. A huge savings for our company. It also saved having to deal with each individual coming in, stopping and starting things again.
It was an access, you did not have to worry if someone came in and whether they was around someone that had it or even wondering if they have it, you know some or not saying and they are still coming around even if they tested. This is wonderful.


Zullyness Reyes

City of Harker Heights

Yes a city has contacted me regarding the kiosk. It was the City of Pittsburgh.
The kiosk allows our customers to make payment when we are closed. convenient hours to pay
It allows for contactless payment.


Rene Valdez

City Of Dayton, TX

During a hurricane or COVID-19 situation, we might be understaffed. The Kiosk gives our customers another means to pay their bill. Someone is always available for even those graveyard workers that are not able to pay their bill in the very AM hours.
NO contact with the public, but at the same time, we’re providing a means to pay their bill.


Jerry Gibson

City of Altus, OK

When we had the building completely locked down, JACK was our primary cashier, decreasing wait times for customers and allowing
customers to pay after hours. We ONLY use the JACK kiosk.

Taylor R. Stelly

City of Rayne, TX

Our traffic has been cut in at least half. 3/4 of our collections come from Adcomp payments. Text message reminders are very convenient and are praised by our customers. Less interaction due to the defendant's paying online or over the phone. When our office was closed to the public, it gave our defendants that safe option


Erin Cradeur

City of Crowley LA

It is a easy process and all fees are passed on to the customer, so the city offers convenient payment options at no cost to the City.
It limits transfer of money and the need for face to face contact by offering online payments.
Customers can pay anytime or anywhere at their convenience.


Jellisa Patterson

Garden City, KS

Our machine is located outside so it reduces customer interaction. Decreasing walk in traffic and wait times.
Convenient hours to pay is the biggest reward
Minimizing face to face transactions.


Kathy Mclaughlin

Oologah, LA

Saves time, Online payment options keep them and us safe and allows them to make a payment at any time.
Online payment options allow us to take payments without contact