Notify, Remind, Locate & get them to Pay

Citation Smart

Officer Collects Cell Phone Number When Issuing Citation
Cell Phone Number & Citation Details get Uploaded to Citation Smart

Sends Initial Text Notification

Sends Periodic Reminders

Offers Plea & Payment Option

Warrants On The Go

Warrants Officers & Bailiffs

View outstanding warrants as markers on a Warrants on the Go map

The markers are color coded by amount and can be filtered by various criteria

After officer contacts the defendant, officer can offer the defendant the option to pay up by sending them a payment link via text message.

Defendant’s smartphone receives text message of citation or warrants to facilitate payment


Reduce & Collect Warrants

Map & Find outstanding Warrants

Paperless Processing

Officer NEVER Handles Payment

Detailed Transaction Reports

Integrates with Court Software



City of Rayne

Smartphones have become the center of communications for everyone and Rayne City Court is using that technology to make it easy for citizens to handle some legal issues.

With smartphones, it is now possible for people to pay for citations and warrants from Rayne City Court. Their also is a text notification / reminder system that will greatly increase the collections and reduce warrants for the court.

  • Reduce & Collect Warrants
  • Map & Find outstanding Warrants
  • Officer NEVER Handles Payment
  • Paperless Processing
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