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Installation of a new Payment Kiosk at the City’s Billing/ Payment Office offering anytime/ 24hour service


Published Sun, 07/07/2013 - 12:26pm

Mayor David Amrhein has announced that the Administrative Offices at City Hall and those located at the Public Work and Utility Offices at the City Hall Annex will implement the four (4) day workweek model effective Monday, August 5, 2013. The new hours of operation for both locations will be from 7:00AM until 5:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.


The decision for change was based on several factors, not the least of which was inconvenience of Zachary citizens, but rather the enhanced access opportunities for both early morning and later evening professional services. The new hours of operation also extend to Public Work and Utility crews, with the reassurance that emergency operations notification and after action response capability remains in force as always.

Mayor Amrhein reported that “several cities of comparable size visited by Zachary staffers during 2012 reported having adopted the new model. Customer convenience, costs savings, as well as the realization that many of their clients (architects, engineers and other professional working groups) were already utilizing the half-day practice, or were closed entirely on Friday’s”.


The Mayor was quick to add that Zachary Fire and Police will continue their regularly assigned shifts and will not be affected by the new schedule hours.


Mayor Amrhein states that “during the lengthy process of discussion of the proposed workweek change, several factors figured prominently in support of the new standard”. They would include the following:

• Installation of a new Payment Kiosk at the City’s Billing/ Payment Office offering anytime/ 24hour service convenience to its customers

• The “on-line bill payment option” which remains available for all Zachary utility customers

• Earlier opening and later business operation hours to better accommodate customers needs


City Bill Payment Kiosk

• The City’s personal liability reduction by one full day a week, when many City vehicles and equipment are not in regular use

• Fuel consumption and maintenance cost savings of City owned vehicles and equipment will be realized, and

• Energy consumption in the affected buildings will be reduced by one day per week as the use of internal monitoring controls are explored as a way to further reduce costs.


Mayor Amrhein concluded by stating that “The costs savings to be realized in the City’s overall operations budget through the implementation of the new work schedule and designed efficiencies, can be reallocated as necessary. The newly adopted work week standard is definitely a Win-Win situation for everyone”!

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