Apartment Rent Kiosk

Our 24/7, self-service kiosks can be installed indoors or outdoors across apartment complexes, allowing tenants to pay their rent beyond regular business hours using check, cash or credit card.

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  • Accessible rent payment solution boosts collections:

    By facilitating multiple forms of payments, our kiosks allow landlords to provide all tenants, including those who may not have a bank account, credit/debit cards or reliable access to the internet, with a convenient and flexible rent payment option. This helps ensure that tenants pay their rent on time, making kiosks an effective solution for landlords to boost rent collections and facilitate compliance

  • Increase customer satisfaction:

    The kiosk’s easy-to-use interface and smart technology makes the rent payment process quick and simple for all tenants. At the end of a transaction, tenants also receive a receipt to confirm their payment, further boosting customer trust and satisfaction

  • Secure transactions:

    At AdComp, we put security first. Our kiosks facilitate secure, PCI-compliant transactions. All payments are posted immediately to prevent any delays in collections. We also regularly monitor the kiosk technology to identify and fix any issues.