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About Us

For 29 years AdComp Systems has developed self service payment technologies that accept in- person cash, check and credit card payments for municipalities and private businesses worldwide.

AdComp Systems Group has been providing various kinds of payment software solutions to hundreds of cities, courts, police departments, and businesses worldwide.

Everyday there are millions of active users using our kiosks, payment platforms and applications.

Distinguished and Well-Known Products & Services:


Kiosk Software, Integration, & Reports :

We have over 10 different types of kiosks (JACK, Interactive, FORT, Auto Dealership, Recycle, ect ect) Year-Round Maintenance Services


Utility Express, Citation Smart, & More

We have found a solution to alert, remind, & notify consumers when a bill is due


Modernizing the Ways of Payments
We understand the needs in a constantly changing digital world, We offer IVR options, Web Payment options, mobile apps & many more





Turnkey Kiosks
AdComp Voice