Lafayette City Court - moving ahead with advanced technologies

Convenience Fosters Compliance!

Judge Douglas J. Saloom & Judge Frances M. Bouillion have taken the first step towards reducing the cost of operations for the Lafayette City Court along with providing convenience.

LAFAYETTE, La. & LEWISVILLE, Texas - March 22, 2020 - PRLog - Lafayette City Court Judge J. Saloom, Judge Frances M. Bouillion and Court Administrator Laura Stout partnered with AdComp Systems Group - a payment focused technology provider - to explore and implement technologies designed to reduce costs and provide superior service.

Recently Lafayette City Court implemented a new Web Payment Portal that collects revenue, manages citation details, provides statistics of all transactions, and uploads all data in real-time.

AdComp Systems Group develops a wide array of products and services to collect revenues and streamline operations, such as Citation Smart and JACK.

Citation Smart is a software that automatically notifies and reminds defendants of citations via text message. Citation Smart sends a link to an interactive version of the citation and allows a defendant to plead and pay citations using their smartphone. Additional benefits include options to apply for Driver Safety and deferred disposition through the interactive ticket.

JACK (Justified Automated Collections Kiosk) is a 24/7 payment kiosk providing convenience for all citizens.

Convenience fosters compliance. Lafayette City Court with newer options for all citizens.

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For more information on JACK and other payment services please contact:

AdComp Systems Group

Robert Smith (Big Bob)

Cell: 214-632-8970

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