DIR Procurement Information

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is a purchasing cooperative that allows you to procure products and services from us without having to issue an RFP. DIR pre-vets the quality and pricing of our products and elected to make us a registered vendor on their platform so that you can save time and money.

DIR Services and Pricing

Website Design / Development

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
General web development $10,000.00 website 5.00% $9,500
Payment portal $3,000.00 website 5.00% $2,850
AI web chat development $10,000.00 5 users 5.00% $9,500
Web app modules (billing, payroll, permits, court, etc.) $15,000.00 module 5.00% $14,250
Custom programming $150.00 hour 5.00% $142.50
Web-based kiosk software $38,500.00 license 5.00% $36,575

Domain Name System (DNS) Management

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
Domain Name Registration (one time fee) $100.00 website 5.00% $95
Domain Name Renewal (yearly fee) $50.00 website 5.00% $47.50

Business Analysis Services

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
Real-time transaction reports (included in base price) $0.00 website N/A N/A
Custom data dashboards (included in base price) $0.00 website N/A N/A

Hosting Fees

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
Website hosting fees (annual) $0.00 website N/A N/A
Cloud hosting fees (annual) $0.00 website N/A N/A

Accessibility Services

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) startup cost $5,000.00 phone line 5.00% $4,750
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) per transaction fee $1.00 transaction 2.00% $0.98

Web Training, Maintenance, and Support

Description Cost Unit Discount Final Price
Training $0.00 website N/A N/A
General web development: annual maintenance fee $2,000.00 website 2.00% $1,960
Payment portal: transaction fees (monthly) $1.50 transaction 2.00% $1.47
Utility billing (monthly) $1.00 active utility account 2.00% $0.98
Payroll (monthly) $10.00 employee/contractor 2.00% $9.80
Accounting, transportation management, parking, facility rentals (monthly) $3,000.00 module 2.00% $2,940
Work orders (monthly) $1.00 work order 2.00% $0.98
Permits (monthly) $1.00 permit 2.00% $0.98
Court management (monthly) $3.00 new citation 2.00% $2.94
Online Docket Resolution (monthly) $0.50 document 2.00% $0.49
e-Citation platform (monthly) $1.50 transaction 2.00% $1.47
Custom programming maintenance (annual) $30.00 hour 2.00% $29.40
Kiosk (annual) $7,700.00 license 2.00% $7,546
AI web chat (annual) $2,500.00 5 users 2.00% $2,450

Turnkey Solution Descriptions

  • Payment Kiosk Software (JACK) Our bilingual, self-service payment kiosk works around the clock, providing your residents with an easy solution to make contactless, in-person bill payments using cash, check, or credit card.

  • Smart Online Payments (SOP) Our secure web and mobile payment solutions can help your city government ensure seamless revenue collection while providing your residents with a user-friendly and convenient payment experience.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payments Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology provides residents with a secure and automated way to make credit card or check payments over the phone. Bilingual voice assistance guides them through the process, making it easy for them to complete payments.

  • GovOnTrack (ERP Software) GovOnTrack is the all-in-one solution for local governments to streamline their operations and deliver top-notch services to citizens. Our cloud-based SaaS suite is designed with a modern interface and user-friendly features, enabling you to centralize data and simplify administrative workflows with ease.

  • Courts on the Go Our integrated software suite is designed to help your court smoothly manage a busy caseload, improve operational efficiency, provide accessible digital services, and boost citizen engagement.

  • e-Citations and SMS notifications Citation Smart, Utility/Tax Express, and Balance Express all offer SMS notification services to help users stay on top of their payments.

  • Chat widget and AI-based chatbot (Classy the CourtBot) Powered by AI, Classy answers citizens' legal, procedural, and administrative questions. Access court-related information instantly and conveniently 24/7. Multilingual. Allows bot-to-human handoff.

AdComp Contact Information

Obtaining Quotes and Placing Purchase Orders

To obtain a quote, please call us at 877-275-7694 or email us at ateam@adcompsystems.com. We can help you generate a purchase order made payable to AdComp Systems Group. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-5207 on your purchase order. You can then email your purchase order to us at the email address provided above (or a specific contact at our company, if you prefer).

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