SMS Alerts

Citation Smart, Utility/Tax Express, and Balance Express all offer SMS notification services to help users stay on top of their payments.

Citation Smart

Citation Smart is an interactive app that sends text message reminders to defendants with citations, making it easy for them to pay and reducing defaults.


📲 Boost collections with interactive citations: Citation Smart sends periodic reminders via text message and enables defendants to pay citations with their smartphones, boosting collections and reducing defaults.

Prevent warrants with automated alerts: Citation Smart sends automated alerts to defendants at risk of a warrant, saving time and resources for courts and avoiding legal trouble for citizens.

🖥️ Integrates with court management software: Citation Smart integrates with court management software for ease of use, real-time reports, and smart data storage.

🎨 Customizable for court requirements: Courts can customize text message reminders and transaction reports to fit their specific requirements.

Utility/Tax Express

Utility and Tax Express are mobile payment solutions that offer convenient payment options for residents with regular reminders to help them stay on top of their payments.


💳 Multiple payment options: Utility/Tax Express offers multiple payment options for residents to pay their bills.

🚨 Avoid missed payments with reminders: The service provides periodic reminders to help residents stay on top of their payments and avoid missed payments.

🖥️ Simple integration: Utility/Tax Express fully integrates with existing management software for hassle-free use and convenient deployment to residents.

Balance Express

Balance Express is an intuitive system that sends out periodic reminders via text message to ground transportation operators, such as taxicabs, to ensure they maintain sufficient prepay account balance.


💰 Simplify fee collections: Balance Express ensures seamless fee collections by encouraging ground transportation operators to refill their account and maintain a steady balance through regular reminders.

📱 User-friendly experience: Regular text message reminders alert ground transportation operators of low balance issues so they can quickly resolve them and continue their operations smoothly. This provides them with a convenient and user-friendly experience.