24/7 outdoor payment kiosk makes in-person municipal utilities & court payments quick & convenient

At AdComp Systems Group, our approach to solution design is driven by the idea ‘Convenience Fosters Compliance.’ The easier it is for citizens to find a payment method that accommodates their schedules and preferences, the more likely they are to pay on time. This also benefits local governments who rely on this timely revenue to fund public services.

Each week, we are going to spotlight a different AdComp product to describe how it solves customer pain points, boosts convenience, and helps local governments foster compliance.

Today, we’re talking about JACK, our 24/7 municipal self-service payment kiosk.

The Pain Point For Citizens:

Citizens that pay bills, fines, or other fees in-person typically have to choose between two inconvenient payment options.

The first option is to take time off work to make a payment during regular business hours. This is a major inconvenience for citizens and an especially costly one for hourly-paid workers who would lose wages.

The second option is to pay after hours at a drop box. However, most drop boxes do not accept cash or credit card payments. Further, citizens do not get a receipt when they use a payment drop box, so they are left without any proof of payment.

The AdComp Solution:

AdComp’s payment kiosk JACK can be designed as an outdoor kiosk machine that’s available to citizens 24/7, and can collect cash, check, and credit card payments for utilities, courts, taxes, etc.

Using the kiosk, citizens can conveniently pay at a time that works for them and use their preferred payment method. At the end of each transaction, citizens get a receipt to confirm payment. By providing an around-the-clock, multi-payment solution that eliminates the key pain points for in-person customers, local governments can boost compliance and revenue collection.

By increasing convenience to citizens, and as a result compliance, local governments can also reduce the time and costs associated with issuing penalties or resolving service interruptions.

To see how JACK works, schedule a product demo here.