New Utility Payment Kiosk Offers Another Way to Pay Water Bill

The City of Cocoa now has a new digital utility payment kiosk located on the south side (Orange Street) of City Hall in the place of the old payment drop slot. This payment kiosk allows customers to make payments and get a receipt for their utility payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to come inside City Hall and wait in line. There is also a drop box on the kiosk for those customers that do not need a receipt and are paying with a check. Payments made through the drop box will continue to be posted the next business day. Documents can no longer be received through the drop box slot but can still be emailed to Customer Service at

The kiosk is equipped to take credit card ($2.99 fee), cash and check payments and provide customers with a receipt. Payment entry by the customer will post in real time to the customer’s account. Accounts that are closed due to non-payment will still need to contact Customer Service to have their water restored.

This payment kiosk is now another way to pay your utility bill without having to come to City Hall. Customers can currently pay online or over the phone with a credit card ($2.99 fee does apply), sign-up for an automatic debit which does not charge any fees, or drop their check payment in the drop slot of the kiosk.

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