New Dayton kiosks offer 24-hour option to pay water bills

A couple of new kiosks unveiled by the city of Dayton will make life a little easier for residents.

Customers can drive up to the kiosk on the west side of City Hall (117 Cook St.) or walk inside the lobby of the Police Station and Municipal Court building (2004 N. Cleveland) and easily pay their bills.

“The new kiosks allow greater flexibility for those making payments to the City,” said Finance Director Rudy Zepeda. “Utility customers can look up their accounts and see not only their current balance, but overdue amounts, usage, and account history,” he said.

The kiosks will eventually be expanded for additional city services.

“Municipal Court customers will be able to pay fines and review the status of their cases at either kiosk as well,” he said. “We’re working with our software vendor on that portion of the service now.”

Kiosks will accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

The only service the kiosk cannot do is to begin or terminate water service. They will still have to come to City Hall to make those transactions.

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