Bill pay kiosk vs. payment drop box: why local governments should choose kiosks

The payment drop box has been a go-to solution for local governments looking to support citizens making in-person payments for utility bills, parking tickets, court fees, and more, after business hours. But, these drop boxes have limitations that often inconvenience both citizens and government staff. An outdoor, self-service bill pay kiosk is a more secure and customer-friendly solution that eliminates many of the challenges associated with the municipal payment drop box.

Self-service kiosks are a viable solution that facilitates after-hours, in-person payments without the limitations of a drop box. In fact, as AdComp clients have noted, these kiosks offer many long-term benefits for staff and citizens. Today, citizens expect their local government to provide high-quality service and a user-friendly payment experience. Therefore, it’s time to let go of the payment drop box and get a kiosk.

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