1. Who are AdComp’s clients?

AdComp’s clients are city and county government agencies, utility companies, law enforcement agencies, and courts.

2. What do we mean by end-users?

End-users are the residents or customers who ultimately use the products and services that AdComp clients deploy through our company.

3. How can clients contact us?

We are available to assist clients via chat, email, phone, and text message.
To schedule a product demo or share an RFP, click here.
You can also submit an order for our products through the purchasing co-ops DIR and TIPS-USA and avoid the bid process.

4. How do we maintain our kiosks’ hardware and software?

We monitor all of our kiosks’ hardware and software 24 hours a day and use automated technology to quickly identify and resolve any technical issues. Once we find an issue, alerts are sent out to AdComp’s technical support team and designated clients to facilitate speedy resolution.

5. How does AdComp notify clients of any software issues or updates?

We send out alerts to clients via email or text message.

6. Does AdComp provide installation services for their kiosks?

No. We ship kiosks worldwide, and our clients use local contractors to install their kiosks. AdComp provides remote assistance, guidance and dimensional drawings to our clients and their contractors to get their kiosks installed.

7. What is the warranty on AdComp kiosks?

AdComp’s kiosks typically have a one-year warranty on parts.

8. What is not covered under AdComp’s warranty?

Vandalism or any intentional or malicious damage to the kiosks is not covered under AdComp’s warranty.

9. What are AdComp’s clients’ ongoing responsibilities?

AdComp’s clients are typically responsible for:

  • Keeping their kiosks clean.
  • Making sure that there is receipt paper in the kiosk.
  • Collecting cash and checks from the kiosk.
  • Providing change after payment, if the kiosk is set up to dispense change.

10. Who is responsible for software and operating system updates on the kiosk?

AdComp handles software and operating system updates as long as the client has signed up and paid for our support services.

11. What upgrades are not covered under AdComp’s support services?

The following is a list of upgrades that are not covered under AdComp’s support services:

  • If a client changes the back office software that the kiosk is integrated with.
  • If operating systems are upgraded.
  • End-of-life hardware upgrades.