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Bill Payment Kiosk
Bill Payment Kiosk

The Bill Payment Kiosk application is a dedicated application which enables the user to pay the utility bills...

ICECIG Kiosk- Touch Vending Kiosk

Electronic cigarette vending machines. We take great pride in the quality of our products, as well....

DVD Vending Kiosk, DVD Rental Kiosk
DVD Kiosk

DVD rental machines represent a modern alternative to the high-street DVD rental store....

Drybox kiosk-Interactive Touch Vending Kiosk
DryBox Kiosk

DryBox kiosk is giving Lewisville, Texas, mall-goers a chance to repair their wet phones according to a....

Kiosk Manufacturers

Adcomp Systems Group is a manufacturer and software developer of Turnkey kiosks, Bill payment kiosk, Dvd rental kiosk, Medical kiosk, Interactive vending kiosk, Ticket vending kiosk, Insurance Kiosk, In-Form Kiosk, Recycle Kiosk, Retail Sales kiosk are some of the kiosks that we have currently developed and deployed.

We started designing and building kiosks in 1995. Our first kiosks were installed in New York City and were used as Internet Email terminals and payphones.

Our expertise include : Kiosk cabinet design, kiosk hardware integration, kiosk software design, kiosk reporting and monitoring and kiosk integration.


Recent News

13, Aug. 2014
The Eagle Pass Water Works and Sewer System (EPWWS) Board of Trustees approved the purchase of two Justified Automated ..... Continue reading
31, Jan. 2014
The new electronic 24-hour drive-thru utility bill payment kiosk located in front of the municipal auditorium in Wichita Falls ..... Continue reading
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