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JACK installed @ city of Winnsboro

The city of Winnsboro, TX is proving that when smart officials make smart decisions they can use technology to reduce costs and provide a better service. The payment kiosk JACK (Justified Automated Collections Kiosk) has taken off as a huge success at the city of Winnsboro water department.

Before JACK, the drive up window, needed to be staffed all day & checks collected from the night drop box needed to be physically collected and input into the billing system. Now customers can pay using the bi-lingual voice prompted touch screen payment kiosk JACK and they can get a receipt.

After the city manager, Jeff Howell decided to install JACK, the drive up window can now accept cash, checks & credit card payments 24/7, 365 days. The city's staff can now be used more efficiently for tasks that need the human touch. Cities, will always need a way to collect payments for those that prefer to pay in-person. JACK makes the process more convenient, hassle free and less expensive.

JACK is bi-lingual & JACK has no moods, no attitudes and is always polite.

JACK is manufactured exclusively by AdComp Systems Group (ASG) out of Lewisville, TX and their software interfaces directly with Winnsboro's Billing Management system, Tyler Incode.

AdComp also provides no-cost payment collection services to cities nationwide to accept payments over the internet and pay by phone via an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Payment methods accepted: cash, check & credit card payments. (American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®).

On-site demonstrations of the kiosks will be available. To schedule a demo, contact Jeff Howell at (903) 342-3654w.cincinnat  

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