Conroe, TX gets JACK

City of Conroe | Posted: April 6, 2015

Another city in Texas is going to be able to benefit from JACK's services. The city of Conroe, TX has just installed JACK. JACK stands for Justified Automated Collections Kiosk. It accepts payments 24/7, 365 days. JACK is a bi-lingual insomniac. Has no moods, no attitudes and is always polite.

City officials love JACK because it reduces their cost of operations. And city residents love JACK because it is available 24/7 to accept payments. Residents no longer have to try to get to the city office during their lunch hour to make payments.

JACK accepts cash, checks, credit cards and gives back change. It can accept payment for utilities, courts, jails and many other departments.

Manufactured locally in Lewisville, TX by AdComp Systems Group, JACK is being embraced by cities nationwide.

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