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Tickets On The Go

Tickets On The Go is a secure and easy-to-use eCitation smartphone app that auto-populates a citation form and allows officers to share tickets with a defendant via print, email or text message. This app works on both Android and iOS devices.

Issue an eTickets or warning using any smart device

Built-in DL scanner populates fields automatically

Issue violator copy using bluetooth printer

Data immediately flows to the cloud where it is now searchable


  • Cost-Effective eCitation App Works On An Officer's Smartphone:

    Tickets On The Go can smoothly integrate with an officer’s smartphone. This app does not involve any set-up cost and eliminates the need to purchase or repurchase expensive ticket writers, providing police departments with a cost-effective solution to enable eCitation. Officers can take a photo of a violator, issue a citation, and complete the racial profiling data all through a single device.

  • Issue A Ticket In Minutes and Maximize Efficiency:

    Tickets On The Go is a smart alternative to handwritten tickets. The app includes a built-in drivers license scanner that auto-populates a citation form with relevant data, allowing an officer to issue a citation in under 3 minutes. This ensures that both officers and defendants spend less time by the roadside, boosting both officers’ and public safety. All information gathered by the officer is electronically shared with the court, significantly reducing the time spent on manually filling out paperwork.

  • Issue Accurate, Legible Citations and Reduce Dismissals:

    By facilitating eCitation, Tickets On The Go helps reduce ticket dismissals due to illegible handwriting, discrepancies in data entry or other errors.

  • Boost Civilian Satisfaction:

    With Tickets On The Go, officers can capture defendants’ email and phone number to ensure they receive tickets via print, email and text message. This helps to reduce the instances of lost tickets, boosting convenience for both civilians and law enforcement officials.

  • Integrated Racial Profiling Feature:

    Using Tickets On The Go, officers can fill out the required data for racial profiling quickly and efficiently.