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Remote Magistrate Payment Kiosk

AdComp Systems has engineered and developed a turnkey kiosk that will function as a magistrate court connecting through a live remote video session between Defendants and the City 's Court Clerks and/or Judges.

Defendant can use the kiosk to lookup, plea and pay for all associated fines or costs for citations/violations with the City, which they may or may not owe.

RMVS is user-friendly. The equipment is state of the art with the ability to record on a live stream interface, commonly known as video conferencing. It can include up to 5 participants. Some participants of the RMVS are Judges, Defendants, Court Clerks, etc...


RMVS Kiosk features:


I. If the plea chosen is not-guilty, then the Defendant can request the Remote Magistrate Video Session (RMVS) with a Judge.


II. Every Remote Magistrate Video Session will be backed up and stored to either a cloud server encrypted database or through a private server (owned by the City ). There is an option to store in both servers if desired.

The Judge and Court Clerk will have the ability to mute/pause their audio/video stream and privately discuss the case throughout the session with the Defendant.


III. Once the RMVS session is completed, the Judge and/or Court Clerk will have the ability to update or modify the charges, fines, and records in the Court Management System.


IV. The Defendant can pay the citation via credit card.


★ Once the payment is finalized, the Defendant can choose to have the receipt sent as an sms text message or email. (kiosk-receipt printer is optional)


★ Each session will be linked to the Defendant's original docket and citation number.


★ Every transaction and its associated videos are uploaded in Real-Time and viewable on a 24/7 basis through our online reports portal.