At AdComp, our team is constantly innovating to develop broad, effective products that meet the evolving needs of our clients and community.

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Jail Management Kiosk

Our jail management kiosk provides cities with an efficient and cost-effective solution to accept payments for fines from an inmate’s family or friends, facilitate funds transfer for commissary, and book inmates. The kiosk automates time-consuming manual payment collection to help jail staff boost productivity.

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Jail Payment Kiosk

Auto Dealer Payment Kiosk
Auto Dealership Payment Kiosk

Using our self-service kiosk, customers at Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships can initiate and complete payments on their own, allowing dealerships to save on cashiering costs and effectively utilize staff to oversee sales and customer service.

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Apartment Rent Kiosk

With our 24/7 apartment rent kiosk, landlords can provide tenants with a flexible and secure solution to pay their rent using cash, check or credit card and boost revenue collection.

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Apartment Rent Kiosk

Pet Vaccination Kiosk

Pet Vaccination Kiosk

In collaboration with veterinarian Dr Keith Webb, we have built a weatherproof kiosk that administers needle-free vaccinations to provide pet owners with a convenient and hassle-free solution to provide their pets with essential vaccines.

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