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Improves service by giving you, the citizen, online access to your account information at your convenience 24/7. This makes it more convenient than having to call a customer service representative to have a question answered about billing or inquiry issues. It also provides the ability to compare service consumption over a 3-year period to determine usage patterns.

Unified Payments - Utilities - Taxes - Courts - Jails

  • Designed to adapt to all screens ranging from desktops to smartphones.
  • Quickpay allows customers to pay without creating a login
  • Users can register & create a login if they want.
  • Registered users donít need to have their account number for future payments.
  • Registered users can view their payment history.
  • Users can sign up for email and mobile payment reminders
  • Systems integrated with PIM can allow balance lookups
  • Real time reports
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