Web & Mobile Payments

We create secure web and mobile payment solutions to help you ensure seamless revenue collection and provide your residents with a user-friendly and convenient payment experience.


  • Convenient payment option:

    Give your residents the convenience they want and deserve with flexible online payment solutions that let them make payments through any smart device. Residents also get 24/7 access to their payment history, account balance, and other import ant details, helping them stay up to date on their account and payment information. Customer-friendly technical support: Our web payment page includes a technical support number and a chat button. Using these customer-friendly features, your residents can contact AdComp for quality technical assistance and a seamless payment experience.

  • E-check Payment Option:

    Our online payment system is equipped to accept e-check payments, adding another layer of convenience for your residents.

  • Mobile-Enabled Technology:

    Our online portal is mobile-enabled, which means that residents can easily get onto the website and make payments using their smartphone. This is an especially important feature because most people today use their mobile phones for nearly every transaction.

  • QuickPay Feature & Multiple Balance Look-Up Options:

    Residents can visit our portal and quickly make a payment without having to create a user account. They can simply look up their balance and other information by entering different types of identification details.

    For utility payments, they can use:

    ● Account number
    ● Last name and house number

    For court payments, they can use:

    ● Driver’s License
    ● Citation number
    ● License plate number
    ● Last name and date of birth

  • Real-time Balance Look-Up & Option For Recurring Payments:

    Residents also have the option to create a user account to track their payment history, set up recurring payments, access account information, and more.

  • Detailed reports for smarter decision-making:

    Comprehensive transaction reports provide holistic data of your revenue collection to help you track payments and make informed business decisions for your department.

web/mobile payments

Utility Express & Tax Express

With Utility Express and Tax Express, you can send residents periodic reminders via text message to facilitate payments for utility bills or taxes, respectively.


  • Boost confidence and collections:

    Using their smartphones, residents can quickly and easily pay their water bills and other utility bills or taxes. Periodic reminders will ensure your residents don’t unintentionally miss a payment due date, leading to fewer defaults. This will help you increase collections as well as boost public confidence and trust in your services.

  • Simple integration:

    Utility Express and Tax Express can fully integrate with your existing management software to allow for hassle-free use and convenient deployment of these services to your residents.