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We asked our customers 3 questions

How does JACK & AdComp’s Payment Services Help....

A. The City?

B. The Customers?

C. Keep Everyone Safe From COVID?

These are the answers we got.


Courts & Utility payment kiosk

Shirley Bertrand

City of Abbeville, LA

A. Helps with working customer who can pay after hours at any time they like. Smoothing out lines in front lobby also credit card payment by phone (IVR) brings in more revenue.
B. Good for after hours also text and remind them.
C. We are able to shut front door and keep drive thru open only during this pandemic and kiosk is also used.

Utility Bill ayment Kiosk

Erin Cradeur

City of Crowley LA


It is a easy process and all fees are passed on to the customer, so the city offers convenient payment options at no cost to the City.

It limits transfer of money and the need for face to face contact by offering online payments.

B. Customers can pay anytime or anywhere at their convenience.

Bill Payment Kiosk

Jellisa Patterson

Garden City, KS



Our machine is located outside so it reduces customer interaction.


Decreasing walk in traffic and wait times.
Convenient hours to pay is the biggest reward

C. Minimizing face to face transactions.

Pay billls kiosk

Zullyness Reyes

City of Harker Heights


Yes a city has contacted me regarding the kiosk. It was the City of Pittsburgh


The kiosk allows our customers to make payment when we are closed.

convenient hours to pay

C. It allows for contactless payment.

Bill Pay Kiosk

Kathy Mclaughlin

Oologah, LA


Saves time


Online payment options keep them and us safe and allows them to make a payment at any time.

C. Online payment options allow us to take payments without contact
















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