Jail Management Kiosk

Using our 24/7, bilingual kiosk, city governments can maximize staff efficiency and provide inmates’ friends and family with a secure, self-service and convenient solution to deposit money into an inmate’s
account or facilitate their release from custody.

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Our Kiosk For Inmate Management (KIM) can:

  • ● Allow an inmate’s friends or family members to conveniently pay any necessary fines or    fees using cash or credit card to facilitate the inmate’s release. Once a payment is made at the kiosk, the jail’s dispatch department is immediately    notified and the inmate is processed for release.

  • ● Add money to an inmate’s commissary account.

  • ● Collect payments when booking a new inmate.




  • Quick, accessible payment solution:

    Using our user-friendly kiosk, an inmate’s family or friends can quickly pay fines or deposit funds at any time, using a form of payment that’s accessible to them. All payments and funds are posted in real time. The kiosk also provides a receipt at the end of a transaction so the depositor can .

  • Integrated software and real-time reports:

    Our kiosk uses smart technology to smoothly integrate with a local government’s jail management and commissary software to provide real-time transaction reports, helping cities effectively track revenue collections and deposits.

  • Boost staff productivity:

    By using our kiosk to process cash transactions, cities can eliminate manual cash counting, prevent human error and minimize the risk of fraud. Further, by reducing manual work, cities can maximize the efficiency of jail staff and monetary resources.

  • In-built camera for additional security:

    Our kiosk includes an in-built camera that takes a picture of every individual who initiates a transaction to ensure an added layer of security.