GovOnTrack / ERP

GovOnTrack, a cloud-based suite of Software as a Service (SAAS) applications designed exclusively for local governments, includes integrated, easy-to-use technology solutions to centralize data, simplify administrative tasks and enable smooth workflow.


With GovOnTrack’s ERP software, you can handle all aspects of your financial, administrative and judicial tasks through integrated management systems that help boost efficiency, accountability and communication across departments.


For Utilities & Tax Departments:

Use GovOnTrack to streamline your billing process and monitor collections. Our applications help you automatically generate statements for utilities and taxes that reflect residents’ payment history, account balance, amount due, and other relevant details, helping you save valuable time by eliminating the need to manually create these bills. GovOnTrack also helps you track and manage revenue collection, including property tax distribution and collection.

For Finance Departments:

GovOnTrack’s easy-to-use applications help you smoothly manage your budgeting, accounting, procurement and payroll through secure access to information, automated processes and detailed reporting to ensure better planning and decision-making.

You can manage invoices for vendors, track revenue collection, process payments, create a virtual general ledger to easily view transactions, execute payroll, plan and track your budget, track purchase orders, and do much more, all using our convenient, secure and efficient technology.

For Courts :

With GovOnTrack’s court management system, you can centralize important case data, securely store and access financial records, maintain jury databases, manage offense reports and automate scheduling to efficiently process your caseload and improve workflow across all departments within your court system.

For Public Works:

Using GovOnTrack, you can easily monitor service requests and work orders through a user-friendly, integrated platform that facilitates efficient, timely execution of projects. Our platform allows you to smoothly maintain inventory control and assess data on manpower, equipment and costs for each project to ensure effective work order management.

For Permits:

With GovOnTrack, you can effectively track active applications and payments for permits and ensure faster processing. Our customizable, cloud-based software ensures higher operational efficiency by providing local governments with a singular, efficient workspace to monitor applications, inspections and facilitate quick, paperless processing of permits.-

Cloud Payment Service


  • Cost-Effective Cloud Technology:

    GovOnTrack’s cloud-based applications eliminate the need to own expensive servers and software, offering a cost-effective solution to modernize your IT infrastructure, reduce clutter, facilitate secure, streamlined access to data and ensure better reporting.

  • Improve Operational Efficiency:

    GovOnTrack empowers you with easy-to-use technology to streamline operations across departments and boost staff productivity. Through centralized departmental data and reporting, GovOnTrack provides local governments with the tools they need to assess performance and ensure efficient decision making.