Courts at every level -- county, municipal, district, state -- handle a high volume of cases and paperwork, making it essential to provide court staff with tools that help streamline workflow. Our broad solutions are designed to help your court, regardless of size, smoothly manage a busy caseload, improve operational efficiency, provide accessible digital services and boost citizen engagement

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Convenient Payment Solutions

Our flexible and broad payment solutions make it easier for your citizens to pay a citation or other court-related fees, helping you boost collections by simplifying the payment process to make it more accessible and convenient for all citizens.

Boost Compliance With Citation Smart

With Citation Smart, you can allow defendants to submit a plea or pay a citation using their smartphone, helping you reduce defaults and improve convenience for both court staff and citizens.

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Improve Access To Justice With Our Virtual Court

Make it possible for all citizens to access justice from anywhere with Courts On The Go, our integrated virtual court system. This intuitive and secure technology allows you to efficiently conduct remote hearings and streamline workflow.

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Integrated Court Management Software For Seamless Workflow

With GovOnTrack’s integrated court management software, you can enhance collaboration and communication across departments to facilitate secure access to case data and efficient processing of your caseload.

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Use Electronic Court Documents For Faster Processing

Using our Digital Interaction and Citizen Engagement (DICE) platform, you can enable e-filing as well as share and accept electronic documents, which will help in reducing manual paperwork, costs and processing time.

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