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One time setup:

Court staff sets-up zoom meeting URL


Court staff sets-up grace minutes for admitting defendant before court start and after court starts time.


For this court session:

  • 1, Dockets are published online with Defendant names

  • 2, COTG Sends text messages and or emails to defendants that request Court Date or plead “Not Guilty”

  • 3, COTG Validates defendants to court session by querying Court Management Software (CMS) and only allows defendants that are on the docket into the zoom Lobby.

  • 4, Court staff marks each defendant as admitted after visual verification through Zoom in the lobby and then as the Judge is ready for them the Court Staff moves the defendant to the Judge’s Room.

  • 5, When Judge is done with the defendant, the status of the defendant is updated in the CMS.

  • 6, The Court Clerk now marks the defendant’s session as complete and sends appropriate documents to the Defendant for signing as necessary.

  • 7, Currently, the list of Documents that are generated on the fly by querying the CMS are:
       a, Defensive Driving Form, Deferred Disposition Form, Plea Form and Other documents.

  • 8, When the Documents are signed, by the defendant, the document filename turns green.



Courts On the

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