City of Center, TX installs Bill Payment kiosk to reduce cost and provide a better service.

Center | PRLog | Posted: Mar. 6, 2013

City of Center, TX installs an automated Bill Payment Kiosk to reduce their operating cost & provide a better service to residents. Drive up to the kiosk and pay by cash, checks & credit cards 24/7. Convenience at a lower cost.

Bill Payment Kiosk - (JACK) Center, TX - Water Utilities Department - Drive up
Chad Nehring (City Manager) & Barbara Boyd (City Secretary) of the City of Center Texas, have once again proven that technology can create a win-win-win situation for everyone.

They are proving that smart city officials making smart decisions in adopting new technologies can dramatically reduce a city's operating cost and provide a better service to its residents.

The drive-up 24/7 kiosk is bi-lingual, voice prompted and is integrated in real time with the city's Billing Management software. Within the first 5 days of March and processed more than 60 transactions.

Many cities in the state of Texas are benefiting from a turnkey outfacing payment kiosk that accepts cash, checks, credit cards and give back change if needed.

The kiosk is manufactured, developed and programmed by AdComp Systems Group, headquartered in the Dallas, TX area. The company specializes in implementing thousands of turnkey payment kiosks for utility companies, telecom companies, jails, courts and other business all over the world.