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Eagle Pass Water Works System purchases two Automated Collection Kiosks


By: Jose G. Landa, Copyright 2014, Eagle Pass Business Journal, Inc.


The Eagle Pass Water Works and Sewer System (EPWWS) Board of Trustees approved the purchase of two Justified Automated Payment-Collection Kiosks to assist customers make their payments through these automated collection kiosks on a 24 hours basis at their regular meeting held on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.


EPWWS General Manager Jorge Barrera advised the Board of Trustees that technology now allows customers to pay their monthly water and sewer use bills at 24 hours automated collection kiosks similar to ATMs utilized by financial institutions. Barrera recommended that the Board authorize the purchase of two automated payment-collection kiosks to be installed in Eagle Pass.


Barrera stated that he had contacted different organizations who use automated payment-collection kiosks and that their response was very positive, including customers liked paying their water and sewer bills at these 24 hours kiosks due to convenience and availability.


The Board approved the purchase of two kiosks. Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey English Cantu, a board member, stated the kiosks will become very popular to customers due to their accessibility on a 24 hours basis and help avoid late-payments and the shut off of water or sewer services.  


Barrera informed the Board that one of the automated payment-collection kiosks will be installed at the offices of the EPWWS and the second will be installed at another location to be determined after studying where it would be more convenient for customers.


“ I think the EPWWS should be looking into another convenient location for our clients to be able to pay their bill while they are grocery shopping, similar to a one stop shop concept, so it’s not just in one location,” said Mayor Cantu.


Utility Bill Payment Kiosk

The EPWWS Justified Automated Payment-Collection Kiosks will be made available to the public for payments before the end of the 2014 year on a 24/7 basis and will accept credit card, cash, check, and debit card payments and give customers a printed receipt of their payment.


EPWWS General Manager Jorge Barrera stated that they will be providing further details to customers on the locations and use of the new Justified Automated Collections Kiosks (JACK) in the immediate future.



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