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New kiosk to streamline payment procedures with city

The city of Sealy is banking on a new JACK that will streamline the payment procedure at city hall and save at least $600,000 of paid employee time over 10 years.

JACK stands for justified automated collection kiosk. The kiosk is bilingual and is open and working 24 hours a day. The bill payment kiosk has numerous benefits. The kiosk machine can perform a number of services such as scanning checks and payment stubs.


Kim Kaiser, Administrative Services Manager with the city, said the automated payment kiosk will accept utility payments and payments for court citations.

“The machine accepts credit cards, checks or cash, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the convenience of our citizens,” said Kaiser. “We are hoping this will give citizens another option to pay their bills and help reduce any late fees.”


JACK is very similar to an ATM, said Kaiser.


“You can actually search for your citations or accounts with the city. Searches can be made by name or address, or [the kiosk] can scan the barcode that comes on your bill. And of course you can type in the account number,” Kaiser said.


The accounts are updated as soon as a payment is made and the kiosk charge will show as a pending payment. Kaiser said the machine gives a receipt, so it will be a benefit for people who usually use the night drop box.


“We are really looking forward to it, and it is a nice addition. I think that eventually we will get rid of the night drop just because this [kiosk] is more secure. For now though, we are still offering it all,” said Kaiser. “The machine is functioning and we are looking forward to it taking some of the traffic from city hall.”



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