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FORT – Front Office Registration Terminal

The incidences at the turn of this millennium has shifted paradigms of human life. Scanning, whisking, surveillance has become a way of life for us. Visitor Management is one of such internationally applied safety exercise followed by most of the schools, enterprises, corporate, defense organizations etc.

Today the main challenge faced by Security Personnel’s is how to implement these systems without creating a negative image.

FORT is a touch screen based solution which can help implement visitor management in a very user friendly manner. If a visitor comes to the gate, the security personnel check the credentials of the individual and allow him/her to go to the reception.

At the reception the person can create his / her own badge by just clicking on the options provided. The Digital Camera takes the photograph of the person and the badge is printed.




Product Discriptions

Product Discription

Front Office Registration Terminal

1. Name: First, Last
2. Date / Time of visit
3. Phone
4. Email
5. Purpose of visit
6. Who are you visiting?
7. Business / Personal
8. Drivers License / ID Scan
9. Picture of Face with built in Camera
10. Sign out Date / Time
11. Checks Predator Database
12. Prints Badge
13. Easy to use touch software included
14. Wireless
15. Secure

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  • Front Office Registration Terminal

  • Front Office Registration Terminal

  • Front Office Registration Terminal

  • .

    Front Office Registration Terminal

  • Front Office Registration Terminal

  • Front Office Registration Terminal

FORT Installation


Our Kiosk Support infrastructure has been developed to answer the critical service requirements of kiosks in the field, and the long-term commitment that is necessary to keep deployed kiosks up and running as efficiently as possible. We offer a full suite of these services including:


Complete field-installation services anywhere inside the U.S. or Canada including unpacking, testing, and brief training session.
On-Site Service

Swap out of defective / malfunctioning hardware, run unit diagnostics and generate reports as requested by customer. Clean unit exterior and test all hardware before ending call. Troubleshoot unit in accordance with customer's web management guides, and contractual requirements.
Remote Monitoring
Centralized monitoring services that can predict maintenance requirements for deployed kiosks and dispatch service personnel to prevent failures and down-time, or remotely fix the problem without needing an on-site service call.

Custodial Services
Interior and exterior cleaning of unit. Service printer, fill / replace paper and toner. Run diagnostics report on unit. Verify connections, lines and cables, or any other service the customer deems necessary during a custodial visit.



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